Learn How to Use Positive Psychology to Improve Health
Easily and Sustainably and Maximize Your Impact!

Smarts and Stamina: The Busy Person's Guide to Optimal Health and Performance
by Marie-Josée Shaar & Kathryn Britton
This highly practical workbook is loved by wellness coaches and end users alike. Based on over 150 scholarly, scientific and empirical sources, it explains our unique health promotion model, which demonstrates how sleep, food, mood and exercise habits are mutually reinforcing. It will help you leverage your strengths to have lasting impact on your quality of life at work and play.

Its 50 sets of health-building activities form a powerful, customizable step-by-step process,
which will help you:

Feel in the prime of your life.

Learn how to change and
change how you learn.

Discover how to end the rat
race and live the healthy life
you want, need and deserve!

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Editorial Reviews of Smarts and Stamina

  • "Chock full of humor, stories, science, and just plain good sense, this book has a light touch and a weighty message. An astonishingly powerful book to help make real change as easy as it can get."
    James Pawelski, PhD
    Director of Education, Positive Psychology Center, University of Pennsylvania
  • SaS works because YOU get to be involved. The focus is on what you will do, not what you won't. Hallelujah! I promise just owning this book will make you feel better.
    Amy Tardio
    Huffington Post
  • "Go ahead, dive into this book! Using the latest in scientific research, the authors give you actionable steps to attack your weaknesses from a point of strength. You will have fun and make changes by reading this book, and that's a rare joint result."
    Senia Maymin
    Editor-in-Chief, Positive Psychology News Daily
  • "This book offers a fresh approach to living a flourishing life, and ought to be on the bookshelves of anyone who wants a smart, evidence-based workbook that will walk you through every part of your daily life and show you how to challenge and improve your habits."
    Caroline Adams Miller
    MAPP, Author of Creating Your Best Life
  • "Grounded in cutting edge research, the upbeat and practical style invites you to build on your strengths as you support your own best habits of sleep, food, mood, and exercise."
    Dr. Kate F. Hays
    Author of "Move Your Body, Tone Your Mind"