April 30, 2014

Learn the Rules, then Break Them

When I was in my 11th grade class, my teacher taught me a valuable lesson that still sticks with me today. If you know your grammatical […]
March 11, 2014

5 Thinking Errors That Hurt Your Health (and what to do about it)

The fact that humans survived in a world of more powerful predators is a huge tribute to the potency of our brain. Our claws and jaws […]
January 25, 2014

Positive Pressure as a Health Promotion Strategy

If you’d like to experiment with social pressure as a behavioral change motivator, be careful not to state that the behavior you’re trying to extinguish is […]
January 25, 2014

Still Accepted But Blatantly Outdated

Do you remember the anxiety of being picked last for the team in phys ed? Or the pressure of doing an oral presentation right after the […]